I have a piece of data coming out of an AS400 that needs to be transformed
before saving to E-Directory. It has a lot of legacy behind it, so I can't
eliminate the problem (as I'd like to do.) I have to "deal" with it.

Basically, the "ENRGRD" value has to have text appended to it... and
different text, depending on the value. I have that working fine in my
command transform. However, on a merge, this is a huge problem.

While doing a query to determine what relevant values should be included as
the result of the merge, the system compares the source value without text
to the modified value WITH text, so on every merged object it appears this
value is changing, when it is not.

My solution/plan at this point is to reformat that attribute whenever it
comes through the Input Transform... My problem is that "transform operation
attribute" does not work against attributes in an "instance." I guess they
aren't formally considered Op-Attrs?

So, what's the appropriate way to intercept and reformat a value in an
instance/output document? Could you provide sample syntax, if this is some
kind of XML strip/reformat operation?

Sample trace below: I need to be able to reformat the ENRGRD attribute...


<nds dtdversion="2.0" ndsversion="8.x" xmlns:jdbc="urn:dirxml:jdbc">
<product build="20070918_0743" instance="STU-TERMS"
version="3.5.2">DirXML Driver for JDBC</product>
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<instance class-name="INDIRECT.STU_USR" event-id="0"
state="associated">SIDU=98900,table=STU_USR,schema =INDIRECT</association>
<attr attr-name="BSRKSTDT">
<value type="string">155373</value>
<attr attr-name="BSRMDDL9">
<value type="string">ALAN</value>
<attr attr-name="ENRGRD">
<value type="string">12</value>
<attr attr-name="BSRFRST">
<value type="string">BRETT</value>
<attr attr-name="BSRLAST">
<value type="string">CAREY</value>
<attr attr-name="ENRCT1">
<value type="string">0392</value>
<status event-id="0" level="success"></status>