I was hoping to get some advise on how to go about with my
The HR team usually input (in sap) the details of a new employee well
ahead of time before he joins -may be a week or a month ahead. This
information should be consumed by the sap driver and the user should get
created in the ID vault (even though the start date (begdate) is in the
future) so that subsequently the AD account,email addresses and all
other accounts are created well ahead of time and the laptop is preared
and kept ready for the user...

After this, all events have to be actioned in the identity vault only
in the future date...eg...
Usually, when a user is transferred to another department, even though
the action is input well ahead in sap, the change of department code in
the identity vault should happen only on that future date indicated by
the sap begening date...

So, basically, there is a conflict in my requirements... All actions in
the identity vault by the sap driver (except user creation) must be done
only on the future date...User creation must be done immediately...

Query: - How do I handle the future dates in this case??? I am sure
this is a common scenario. How can I handle both?? User creation must be
done immediatley but all other actions done on future date..How can I
achieve this?? What option should I set the future date handling to??

Please Please advise...

Thanks and Regards

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