I am working on testing AD driver on a window2008 DC (64 bit). I
installed the remote loader from IDM 3.6 package (Dirxml_remoteload.exe
is 1971KB 7/16/2008) and AD driver shim. Then I replaced the ADDrive.dll
with the AD driver path (it says it will bring the AD driver version to
3.5.4. ADDrive.dll is 1063KB, 12/23/2008). I set the trace level to 5
on both remote loader side and engine side. When I started the AD
driver, I received a "no connection to remote loader". I was
researching this and ab talked about making sure the remote load was
actually loading. I did a "netstat" and did not see the port listening.
Does that mean the remote loader service did not start properly? All I
can see on the remote loader trace is "Waiting for DirXML to connect
on", therefore I do not really know what went wrong. I have the engine
running on a Suse 10 sp2 VM.

Thanks in advance.


|Filename: EngineTrace.zip |
|Download: http://forums.novell.com/attachment....achmentid=2867 |

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