Well after I created a user on AD, I succeeded after a while, a polling
interval, to sign in on iManager using this newly created user(without
having to modify the password of this user (on the first login)). This
means that the password is synchronized between the AD and eDirectory.
But that is not shown when using "Show password Status" which always
gives "NOT SYNCHRONIZED" for this user.
I'm wondering why this "Show Password Status" is not giving the right
status and gives on the Remote Loader console the following error:

DirXML: [05/21/09 09:43:04.53]:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver = \MYTREE\main\DefaultDrvrSet35\eDirToAD
Thread = Subscriber Channel
Level = error
Message = <message>Check password connection validation</message>
<ldap-err ldap-rc="49" ldap-rc-name="LDAP_INVALID_CREDENTIALS"/>
DirXML: [05/21/09 09:43:04.71]: Loader: Received 'subscriber execute'
DirXML: [05/21/09 09:43:04.71]: Loader: XML Document:

*just to note that, show password status gives "synchronized" for users
created on eDirectory, and for users with modified pwd(on first login)

I tried to do a research on this issue, but none of the threads in the
forum has discussed this particular issue of "Check Password Status".

Sorry for bothering you ...
Hope that you can explain this little issue of "Show Password Status".
Thanks again. **

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