I'm trying to synchronize pwds from AD to eDirectory using identity
I knew recently that pwds of users already created in AD, before
setting and running the filter and the remote loader on the DC, cannot
be synchronized to eDirectory.

I'm wondering about the use and effect of the option that we have in
AD: Store Password using reversible encryption . Does it permit, if
enabled on the domain before the creation of a user or on the user
account after its creation, the synchronization of pwds of already
created users(created before running the filter and the remote loader)

In fact,
1- I stopped the filter and the remote loader on the DC, then I created
a user with this option enabled and another one with this option
disabled, and then installed the filter, restarted the DC(so have the
filter running), and run the Remote Loader. but I found no difference
between these two users: I failed to login using any of these users on

2- Also, for users created after I stopped the Remote Loader but with
the filter installed and running, even if they are created with or
without this option enabled, I succeeded to sign in using any of these
later ones on iManager. This means that the pwd of these users are
synchronized to eDirectory.

So what I found is that the filter is responsible of intercepting the
pwd on creation of a user and caching it to send it later to the driver
when this later one starts running if it wasn't already running. And the
option in AD that I mentioned above doesn't have any influence on
letting the passwords to be retrieved(at least when using identity
manager), because the filter will not search the AD for pwds(to try to
retrieve them) but it catches it on spot during the creation of the user
or modification of the pwd itself.

I donno if all what I've concluded has a meaning...
I'm waiting for your comments and your answer for the question I've
asked above..
Thank you.

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