We have a very complex set of 3 domains with poor metadata (email
accounts held elsewhere). Some users have accounts in multiple domains
some don't, and as the organisation is an amalgamation of 3 previous
ones, the login IDs of the 3 domains are completely different formats.
John Smith might be J.Smith, John.Smith or abc123z. (oh and the jsmith
account might actually belong to jenny smith, so we can't tie those up
like that)

In order to get moving, and implement just enough to get 1 desperate
project working with password reset, it seems best merge the accounts
slowly over time, starting with just the desperate group:
1. let 1 domain publish everything to eDir.
2. Let 2nd domain publish only those accounts which need to merge with
the accounts of domain 1 for this small collection of people. (we have a
list of those users)
3. ignore domain 3 for now.

My problem is.. How do I selectively choose users from domain 2?

Any ideas?

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