Don't know what to make of the following:

[05/20/09 13:25:51.105]:SRV_WorkOrder PT:
<nds dtdversion="3.0">
<product build="20080710_0908" instance="SRV_WorkOrder" version="3.5.2">DirXML WorkOrder Driver (Java)</product>
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<query-ex class-name="DirXML-WorkOrder" dest-dn="data\idm\workorders" event-id="01" max-result-count="10" scope="subtree">
<search-class class-name="DirXML-WorkOrder"/>
<search-attr attr-name="DirXML-nwoStatus">
<read-attr attr-name="DirXML-nwoDeleteDueDate"/>
[05/20/09 13:25:51.114]:SRV_WorkOrder PT:Applying policy: %+C%14Cpub-ctp: delete successful WOs%-C.
[05/20/09 13:25:51.115]:SRV_WorkOrder PT: Applying to query-ex #1.
[05/20/09 13:25:51.115]:SRV_WorkOrder PT: Evaluating selection criteria for rule 'Delete WOs an hour after status changed to "configured"'.
[05/20/09 13:25:51.115]:SRV_WorkOrder PT: (if-class-name equal "DirXML-WorkOrder") = TRUE.
[05/20/09 13:25:51.115]:SRV_WorkOrder PT: (if-op-attr 'DirXML-nwoStatus' changing-to "configured") = TRUE.
[05/20/09 13:25:51.116]:SRV_WorkOrder PT: Rule selected.

is the "changing-to" operator really meant to match against query operations? The docs say "changing-to : The current operation contains a change that adds a value (<add-value> or <add-attr>) to the specified attribute that equals the content of <if-op-attr> when compared using the specified comparison mode. If mode=“structured”, then the content must be text; otherwise, it must be a set of <component> elements.".

Not a word about queries, but then: not a word about instance operations as well, and changing-to DOES match on instances. Which makes a lot of sense to me - I am not so sure about matching against queries, though...

Cheers, Lothar

PS: reading through the attribute test described in again, I do think names like "available", "changing to" and the like are rather misleading than helpful in the end. Is there any place to look up the exact XPATH equivalent of each test?
E.g. what is the exact difference between "available" and "changing to"? From the above doc, "available" should only match on add, modify and instance ("a value available in the current operation (<add-attr>, <add-value> or <attr>)"), and "changing-to" only on add and modify ("contains a change that adds a value (<add-value> or <add-attr>)"). But in reality, both match instances and queries as well.