Hi All,

I need some hints and ideas for the following problem.
I have to connect two eDirectories together over the edir2edir
The Identity Vault edir A contains user objects and organizational
objects. One user object can be referenced to one ore more OR objects
over an multivalued attribute (DN). One OR object has only one
user object (Role Occupant).
Only user objects should by sync from Vault A to Vault B. The user
in Vault B are based on a different attribute schema, filled from the
Vault A user attributes and from some referenced OR attributes.
Modify events from A to B can be triggered from a user object or from
a OR object.
My problem is the object association for the organizational roles.
Should I associate the organizational role objects in Vault A?
If so, what Association Value is useful, to what associated object
in Vault B?

THX for help!

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