Ok, I know there are a lot of issues with the Driver Health Job, but I
was just trying to get it working. I have just a driver set with a
single Null driver in it doing a few things. I added the default health
config to the driver and I added the default driver health job. I see
that the job is enabled and I'm running it as the Admin user right now,
but I cannot get any colors to light up on the Null driver health
status. In the health job log, I just see:

[05/19/09 17:37:00.005]river Health JT:Worker thread for job
'\TREE\O\Services\IdM\DriverSet\Driver Health' starting.
[05/19/09 17:37:00.007]river Health JT:: Check Driver Health Job,
[05/19/09 17:37:00.007]river Health JT:: Checking configuration...
[05/19/09 17:37:00.016]river Health JT:: Beginning execution...

And I never see anything else, no other activity. I figure I must be
missing something simple because I've set this up against eDir and AD
drivers before. What am I missing? Can I monitor a Null driver?



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