I'm attempting to build a Notes driver in a pure Linux (SLES)
environment. On one SLES10 SP2 server I'm running Domino 8.5. On
another SLES10 SP2 I'm running IDM 3.6 and the Linux Notes client.

I'm assuming I can use the "local with Notes client" configuration.
However, the documentation seems to assume the Notes client is running
on a Windows machine. For example, I don't have an ndsrep.exe anywhere
on my metadirectory server. Just the fact that it is an EXE file makes
me think it should be on a Windows box.

Can someone straighten me out or save me hours of time be telling me
this configuration won't work!?

I am reading the driver guide but still not clear to me (so you can't
tell me to RTFM)!

Troy Moreland
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