We had changed the eDir root admin password.
We use the same password in user apps config-update.
We also updated the password in config-update password.
However, while starting the JBOSS the below error is coming.

05:29:45,461 FATAL [EboDirectoryFactory] The admin user
cn=admin,ou=svcacc,ou=services,o=xx could not be authenticated against
authority ldap:// Please check/change the admin
com.sssw.fw.directory.api.EboInvalidCredentialsExc eption:
javax.naming.AuthenticationException: [LDAP: error code 49 - NDS error:
failed authentication (-669)]

Even if I give some different LDAP user name and password the same user
name is coming in the log file.

After giving the user name and password in config-update I had browsed
the container selector and able to fetch the containers with admin and
other users equivalent to admin.

Please help me to resolve this.


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