I'm trying to synchronize AD and eDirectory(2-way synchronization).I
have installed Identity Manager 3.6 (metadirectory)on the server (where
I have edirectory and iManager) ,And the remote loader+Active Directory
Driver on the windows server 2003(domain controller +Active Directory).
Then I created on the metadirectory server a driver set+driver for the
Active directory with the following confuguration:

I chose import a configuration from the server: the file
/ActiveDirectory_...xml(In some forum it's from the client in others
it's from the server ??????)

Driver name= eDirToMAD
Connected System or driver name=Active Directory
Domain DNS name= ad.projet2009.usj.edu.lb
Active directory user container:
OU=tree,DC=ad,DC=projet2009,DC=usj,DC=edu,DC=lb.(I s this right???)
User container= data\company\users(I don't know what this is so I
left the default)
Driver is Local/Remote: Remote
Authentication id= ad/Administrator
Authentication Password=password
Autentication Context= ad(What is this??)

Hostname=, port=8090
Driver password= novell
Remote Password=novell

security equivalence: main
Exclude Administrative Roles:admin.main

After that I started the AD driver and on the other machine the remote
loader.I can see that the 2 drivers have connected. and the logs on the
remote loader show no errors.
but no synchronisation occured. What is the problemmmm??

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