Hi All,

There is a mixed feeling among everyone about deleting or not-deleting
inactive users from the Identity Vault of an IDM system. I have come
across different opinions from different groups of people that I have
interacted and discussed on this topic.

Will like to collect the views / best practices being followed in
industry for the benefit of everyone in the IDM world.

Should we delete inactive users from the Vault, if so when? Sometimes
this depends on business decisions and HR policy but the question is,
when is it technically right to delete accounts.
One school of thought is to keep the users until they are available in
the HR source repository; If that is the way to go, then ideally HR
strategies have a lead time of 7 yrs before you can delete a user. Is
this right for the Identity Vault.
What are the repercussions of not deleting the inactive IDs? Off
course, space and storage is a factor but does it do any good in keeping
them there in vault.

SO I would like the ideas of others who have faced the same challenge
before and put together a best practice for deleting users from Identity

Your ideas are welcome!


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