I would like to assign a new role using an LDIF file. I tried to do it
in the way wirtten bellow, but I got an error message.

LDIF file:

dn: cnuser,ou=users,o=novell
changetype: modify
add: nrfAssignedRoles
cn=role,cn=Level10,cn=RolesDefs,cn=RoleConfig,cn=A ppConfig,cn=UserApplication,cn=DriverSet,ou=idm,o= novell#0#<assignment><start_tm>20090507221315Z</start_tm><req>cn=admin,o=novell</req><req_desc>manual

Error message:

ldap_modify: Object class violation
ldap_modify: additional info: NDS error: illegal attrbute (-608)

If it is possible to do in this way, what's wrong in the LDIF file?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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