I have a timing issue with my Drivers. My PS Driver is coded to
disabled accounts then move to another OU in my Vault. I have other
rules in the Drivers to block anything coming from that source DN due to
the fact these accounts are disabled.

Now, my example is when my AD Driver see a disable =true it should
perform a number of different operations, which is not the problem.
Since the user object is already in the different OU it blocks all the
remain events.

What I would like to do is within my PS Driver is disable the user
object – Wait X times and then move to the Disable OU. Any feedback on
how to “break” then perform the move operation?

Currently I have the attr value to move “before” then next
operation <do-move-dest-object when="after"> “after”.

Here is my sample code.

<if-op-attr mode="nocase" name="employeeStatus"
<if-op-attr mode="nocase" name="employeeStatus"
<do-set-dest-attr-value name="Login Disabled" when="before">
<token-text xml:space="preserve">true</token-text>
<do-move-dest-object when="after">
<token-global-variable name="idv.people.inactive.container"/>
<rule disabled="true">

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