I'm still working in a test environment as I learn IDM.

Some of my test users have lost their IDM associations links.

I've been deleting and recreating the Driver Set and Active directory
driver in iManager as i fine-tune and understand the installation. So,
this may have contributed to this issue.

Since this probably will happen in production, I'm wondering what best
way is to resolve the issue.

If a user object loses it's IDM association by either something
happening automatically or an admin deleting the association:

How do you re-establish the link?
When I manually try to put link, I get prompted for number or something
for the association. Where do I find out what I need to put here, or is
there a way to just re-synchronize objects.

I've found the place to "Synchronize all objects", but that doesn't
appear to fix "broken links".


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