I have an multivalued attribut in eDir and i want to write one record
for each value of this attribute, in a cvs file using Delimted text
driver. Lets say attr name is "Attr1" having values 1, 2, 3. I want
following output on csv file.

Name, workforceID, Attr1
Nm1, wID1, 1
Nm1, wID1, 2
Nm1, wID1, 3

The above rows need to be written in one file only.

Existing output transformation policy (xslt Policy) allows me to write
only 1 record for an event, but how do we write multiple records for a
single event?
Can we use "destCommandProcessor" with for-each loop to accomlplish
this? if yes then how? Any help or example will be highly

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