We have an IDM Meta running on OES2 Linux(eDir).

We want to syncronize everything under an OU to AD. Its users and

OES2 run IDM3.5.1 and Windwos Server is a Win2008 Standard with AD
Remote Loader v3.6

I create an new AD Driver in iManager and configure it as
Bi-directional Mirror.
I started the driver and Remote Loader and everything is "Green", but
no objects are syncronized. I have turned off the firewall on Win2008.

Now i wanted to trace the communication, but iMonitor have stopped
working, so i first have to solve that problem, but have i doen
something wrong? Do the Remote Loader support Win2008?
Is there more to do to configure thes setup?

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway
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