Building a workorder logic for leaving users.
When a users login expiration date is due a workorder disables the
account and moves it to a container called inactive-18m. Thge user will
stay there for 18 month and still be syncronized in a diabled fashion to
other systems.
After 18 month the system will move the account once again to an
container called inactive and the account will be removed from the
synchronised systems.

My problem is that I trigger the workorder for the second move with the
first move so my rule (in a loopback driver) is:
if source Dn in container "inactive-18m"
Rules dont get much simpler than that and it does work if the account
already is there and gets changed.
If the account is moved there by the first workorder it appears that it
is to quick. The loopback driver triggers and creates a workorder object
before the user is fully there so my workorder object will lack

I suspect the reason for this is that i run the workorder driver and
the loopback driver on two diffrent servers so I have an eDir sync

Will I have to run the drivers on the same server or is it possible to
create some sort of pause before creating the second workorder?

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