We are trying to use LDAP Search method to synch the user information
from Sun One Directory Server 5.2 to eDirectory 8.8. Sun One DS instance
containter has 100k users and we need ony few 100s of users who has a
particular value for an atribute

1) How to configure the LDAP Search method so that it searches in SUn
One DS only for a particular attribute/value.
2) The LDAP Driver documentation says that it compares with the old
state to perform the update. Where does the driver keeps the old state,
Does it keeps in temporary directory?.
3) If the option no 1 is not possible, does the driver brings the whole
100k users from Sun one and get processesed in the Driver policy?.. Does
it keep the 100k users in memory or any other location?..

I was trying to look for the documentation related to it and I couldn't
find any documents.. Please refer to me if you have any documentatio
which explains about the logic in details.


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