Hi All,

I have managed to re-adapt the code from the People soft driver to work
with another enterprise Oracle based HR system. (I have managed to build
a table on the Oracle DB that matches the expected structure). It works
extremely well, except in the occurrence when a person is *temporarily*
assigned as a manager, and then eventually goes back to doing their old
job. The org structure becomes inconsistent, with eDirectory reporting
the* temporary manager* as the manager for the staff.

The following appears to occur when the real manager comes back to

1) The real manager's managerworkforceID and managers attributes are
updated correctly

2) The temporary manager's managerworkforceID and managers attributes
are also updated correctly (now reports back to the real manager)

3)* All remaining staff of the real manager are still reporting to the
temporary manager. *

Looking at the relationship within the user objects, the employees user
attributes for '*Manager*" never gets updated. In addition, the managers
'*DirectReports*" never gets updated either.

Fortunately however, the *managerworkforceID* attribute always gets
updated correctly.

Has anyone seen anything like this? I have attached my
CommandTransformStyleSheet. Does anyone have any hints on where it might
be going wrong.

Thanks a million

-Aaron Le Saux

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