Is it possible to reschedule a workorder when it is due and gets sent as
a worktodo? I have a process where I send email out 5 times before a
delayed account delete. The way I am doing it now is I create 6
workorders--the first workorder sends the first email out and creates a
second workorder, the second workorder sends email out and creates a
third,,,,the final workorder created does the delete. This means my
workorder dn's are different of course through the life of this.

On a user reactivate I merge the account and delete the pending

I want to clean this process up,,,and if I can simply reschedule the
workorder when it fires I can keep the same dn through the life which
will make my clean up a bit easier.

Is that even possible? It seems whatever I have tried to do gets
overwritten in the trace.

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