We are about to retire our Netware server and replace it with Linux. The
plan is to run the existing drivers (Groupwise and eDir) on the new
server. Our primary GroupWise domain is running on Netware.....with a
few Linux servers housing a handful of post offices (we have ~30

With the switch to the Linux IDM server, I am confused on what changes
must be made to make the Groupwise driver run properly.

Do I need to have a Linux server with a GW domain and
_make_that_one_the_primary_domain?__(Not sure how that would impact the
GW folks...)

Is it possible for me to avoid using remote loader?

Does the driver/remote loader have to be on the server with the PRIMARY

I have seen a few posts about this but I cannot quite understand what
to do in our situation....All help is appreciated!

Thanks - Jordan

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