I am having some issues with a workorder driver scenario.

Before I post a trace, let me see if this is even doable.

I am using the Text Driver which is pretty generic except for some
stylesheets mods using operation data.

When a user is created in the Vault, it spits out an Add in a csv file,
conversely if a user is deleted is spits out a Delete in a csv file.
There are several modify ops too.

When a user is renamed, it will spit out an Add for the new user name.
Here is where I am running into trouble. After this operation I am
creating a workorder which saves the old-dn. At some time threshold this
workorder kicks off and modifies an attribute on the *new* name to
include the old-dn. A policy on the Text driver sees this attribute is
changing. I am attempting to build a delete from this using the old-dn
to have spit out in the csv file. I am getting a delete vetoed on
unassociated object however way I try to do this, and am unclear how I
would build an association for this bogus delete--ie this user is gone
from the vault--I just need to shove the delete in the csv file.

If I cannot get this to work,,,I may just modify the text driver output
stylesheet to build a delete based on this attribute change, which I am
fairly certain I can do.

So how can I handle the association needed on this bogus delete?

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