We have an AD driver connected to a domain "CHILD".
The users in the AD domain have mail on an Exchange server in AD domain
"PARENT", which is actually the parent domain of "CHILD".

We would like the IDM driver to provision both users to the domain, and
also manage mailboxes for the same users.
According to the doc's for the AD driver, this is however not possible:

"7.2 Managing Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes
The Active Directory driver can be configured to create, move, and delete
Microsoft Exchange mailboxes for users in Active Directory. Mailboxes are
managed by setting and removing the value for the homeMDB attribute on
the user object. This attribute holds the Distinguished Name of the
Exchange Private Message Database (MDB) where the mailbox resides. The
driver manages mailboxes on Exchange servers that are in the same domain
as the driver only."

Anyone dealt with this kind of configuration?

Toralf Lote