we are implementing the SAP HR connector for IDM 3.6 and expect a
problem with a organization (GD: ORGANIZATIONA) that is synced to edir.
The problem is that the remote loader throws a java out of memory error,
even when we have assigned 1GB of ram and the idoc contains just 30
objects. Checking the idoc content we could see that this specific
organization has more then 6000 relations to persons attached. Here is
the beginning of that record:

E2PLOGI001 00100000000005913390004700000000201O 00000484 I
E2PITYP001 00100000000005913390004710004700301O 000004841000 1800010199991231
E2P1000001 00100000000005913390004720004710400101O 000004841000 1 1996010199991231D 00019960816X5000 00000000O012000 GD: ORGANIZATIONA 00000000DE
E2PITYP001 00100000000005913390004730004700301O 000004841001B0361800010199991231
E2*_P1001_*001 00100000000005913390004740004730400101O 000004841001B*_036_*1 1996010199991231D 0000720000019960819E5095 00000000D 00007200 0.00
E2*_P1001_*001 00100000000005913390004750004730400101O 000004841001B*_036_*1 1996010199991231D 0000720100019960819E5095 00000000D 00007201 0.00

This happens just for this single organization and we found no way to
filter that specific infotype P1001 record RELAT with the content of 036
in the SAP data filters. All other numbers 000-035 must be forwarded to
idm and cannot be filtered. We also do not want to increase the remote
loader memory to maybe 2GB or so.

Is there any solution we can use for that ?
Or does anybody have an idea on how to deal with this ?


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