itīs license-counting time and here are tools who give support.
'NOVELL: Customer Operations - License Management Services'

some of our drivers though (ad and notes) which should fall into CORE -
Drivers are inappropriately identified as TOOLS - Drivers. what could
cause that?

compare version discovery in imanager with lmsassistant:
Identity Manager Version Discovery Tool v2.0
Novell, Inc. Copyright 2003, 2004

Version Query started Donnerstag, 09. April 2009 14:35 Uhr CEST

Parameter Summary:
Default server's DN: smedirp19.ouou.o
Default server's IP addouou:
Logged in as admin, context o
Tree name: THE-TREE
Found 18 Identity Manager Drivers

Driver Set: driverset37.ouou.o
Driver Set running on Identity Vault: server18.ouou.o
Last log time: Mon Mar 09 13:23:26 CET 2009
Found eDirectory attributes associated with Identity Manager

Driver: ADM092.driverset14.ouou.o
Driver name: Remote Driver
Driver module: com.novell.nds.dirxml.remote.driver.DriverShimImpl
Driver Set running on Identity Vault: server18.ouou.o
Driver ID: AD
Driver version: 3.1.1

Version Query completed Donnerstag, 09. April 2009 14:35 Uhr CEST

Driver: cn=AD-123,cn=driverset37,ou=ouou,o=o
Driver Name: Identity Manager Driver for Delimited Text
Driver Version: 3.5.1
Driver hosted on server: cn=server18,ou=ouou,o=o
Driver Module:
com.novell.nds.dirxml.driver.delimitedtext.delimit edtextdriver via
Remote Loader
Driver ID: TEXT
Driver Integration Module: Integration Module for Tools
Processed Associations: 512318
Disabled Associations: 0
Pending Associations: 0

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