Quick question for a little problem I am having.

Essentially what I am trying to do is query users in a container for
their Login Expiration Time. With the query returns I want to strip out
all the users that have a Login Expiration Time than is great than the
current run time (which is a variable I set earlier in the code).

So here is my query which I store in a Nodeset...

$destQueryProcessor,"subtree","","PEOPLE\GENERIC", "User","","","Login
Expiration Time")

This returns all the Login Expiration Time values for all users in the
container. Based on these results I do a for each loop with the
following xpath expression…

$UserInfo/attr[@attr-name="Login Expiration Time"]/value<$ThisRunTime

It appears to ignore the “<” in the expression.

I can do exactly the same thing except with Login Disabled and add the
value of “true” and it will return the correct results.

Any ideas as to what is wrong or any advice as to how I can achieve

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