So I have this article that lists all the DirXML-Association values that
I know about:

Just got three new values!!!
Remedy driver
Google Apps driver by Concensus Consulting
Pulsen Snapshot driver by Pulsen, out of Sweden.

Now I am addicted, I want more!!!

If you have a second, could you proof read, if I made any errors, let me
know so I can fix them, and if you know of any third party drivers, get
me the info to add them to it?

If you have worked with a driver I missed, let me know so I can add it
as well.

I should track down the CosmoKey guys to get their Google Apps driver
info as well.

I am not sure why Novell does not have this in their current
documentation, but better to have it than not!

On a side point AB just pointed out this awesome reference in the 3.6 docs!!

Appendix A.0 of the Remote Loader docs (Main Doc page, IDM 3.6 (not
drivers) there is a Drivers subsection, with a link to the Remote Loader
docs. Follow that, Appendix A.0.

Shows all the RL commands that work in a Config file!

Also lists many of the Java classes you call in your RL Config file to
use each driver! Awesome! Glad to see this show up in the docs.