I am trying to create a job that will "sync" all users that are active.
I think my problem is with the veto, but I am not sure. If I include
the veto, only the first user is sync'd. If I leave out the veto, only
the last user is sync'd.

Here is my policy:

<description>Sync Data Job - All Users</description>
<if-operation mode="nocase" op="equal">trigger</if-operation>
<if-op-property mode="nocase" name="source" op="equal">Sync
<token-query class-name="User" datastore="src">
<token-text xml:space="preserve">IDVAULT\USERS</token-text>
<arg-match-attr name="employeeStatus">
<token-text xml:space="preserve">A</token-text>
<token-xpath expression="$current-node/@src-dn"/>
<do-append-xml-element expression=".." name="sync"/>
<do-clone-xpath dest-expression="../sync" src-expression="@* |

Any help would be appreciated.

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