I'm looking to call a sync on a user (which had no association but then
was matched) and just went through a (modify -> synthetic add -> match
found -> merge user attributes).

There is a current issue of this driver I'm upgrading to IDM 3.51 as it
places&shows Blank values into the application attributes if that
specific attributes was empty(Null) in the Vault. This application only
shows valued attributes.

Here is an example of the BAD LDAP call sent to the application to
merge the Matched User which causes my bad empty application values:
-LDAPModification: (operation=replace,(LDAPAttribute: {type='mail'}))

Here is an example of the GOOD LDAP call sent when the Matched User has
a value:
-LDAPModification: (operation=replace,(LDAPAttribute: {type='mail',

I've tried stripping Blank\Empty\Nulls with the following but its hard
to strip values that isn't in the drivers Subscriber Channel.
<description>Strip Empty Values </description>
<if-operation op="equal">add</if-operation>
<if-operation op="equal">modify</if-operation>
<if-operation op="equal">sync</if-operation>
<do-strip-xpath expression="modify-attr/add-value[value='']"/>
<do-strip-xpath expression="modify-attr[not(*)]"/>

In testing a user sync removes those empty values in the application
which then only shows attributes with proper populated values (not empty
I've read allot of threads and come up with the following.... What is
the differences between them?

append XML element ("sync", "..")
set XML attribute ("class-name", "../sync", "User")
set XML attribute ("src-dn", "../sync", Source DN())

do append XML element(name="add" expression="..")
do clone XPath (src-expression="@*"
do veto

<do-append-xml-element expression=".." name="sync"/>
<do-clone-xpath dest-expression="../sync"

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