This is a new one for me. We have a server (NW6.5 SP5) with IDM 3.5.1
(patched to 3.5.12 engine build) and when it was installed, Integrate
with Nsure/Novell Audit was selected.

But the SLS is not available in the lab we are using it in now.

Aaron said, edit sys:\etc\logevent.cfg and set
LogHost=Not Configured

already done, no joy.

Cannot start any drivers, Dirxml.nlm errors on reboot and does not
autoload, but does load without any error by hand. (And the Java
process shows up once the NLM is loaded).

iMan can see the driverset and drivers. Trying to start leaves me in
the flashy green light of "Starting".

Get 783 till Dirxml.nlm is loaded. That was easy.

Then on a start I get something like this in trace. Level 3, and thats
all she wrote!

DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \ACME-META\ACME\DirXML\eDirectory Driver
Status: Error
Message: (-9947) Client request for invalid state transition from 1 to 1.

From different state to state as I try to start/stop via Dxcmd, iMan,
Designer, etc.

Tried renaming lcache.nlm and logevent.nlm and I get faster errors,
about them not being available, instead of these indeterminant hangs.

How do I tell IDM NOT to use Audit any more?

I ran AuditExt.NLM and removed the schema from the tree. I had no
Logging Services Container either (Which surprised me).