I know this has been covered numerous times before but I'm not really
getting clarity reading through the different posts on the subject.

I have 2 eDirectory trees and both have matching UP password policies.
This includes matching expiration intervals.

If I change the password on either side as and administrator, the
password expiration time gets set to 01/01/92 on both sides.

If I then log in as the user and change my password, the password
expiration time in the target tree is set to N days out based on the
policy but the account in the other tree has the password expiration
time set to the current date. Obviously the user logs into that tree,
they have to change it, and the vicious loop begins...

I added Password Expiration Time as a sync'd attribute but that didn't
help (nor is that the preferred method for UP if I understand

What am I doing wrong here?!

NOTE: Normally I remove the password expiration from the UP policy in
the metadirectory but in this environment it is required.

Troy Moreland
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