IDM 3.0.1 to IDM 3.5.1 upgrade
eDirectory 8.8.2 ftf2

After upgrading from IDM 3.0.1 to IDM 3.5.1 on a test system, I get the
following message in ndstrace with the DXML tag enabled.

DirXML Log Event -------------------
Status: Error
Message: (-9994) An error occurred while adding the DirXML index
to the database. Error: failed, dib error (-785) Reason: 2.

The error only shows in my trace when eDirectory is started. I don't
get the error when vrdim is manually unloaded and reloaded.

This test system was dibcloned from the master replica server in the
tree. There is only a single SAP driver assigned to the driverset, and I
have upgraded the driver to the new policy linkage model by clicking on
the driver and clicking "Ok" to perform the upgrade.

I removed the DirXML-ServerKeys attribute from the PseudoServer object,
and restarted eDir - thinking this issue comes from bug 364333 (where
the same message also appears), but I still get the above error in

The only DirXML indexes on the server object are the
DirXML-Associations and DirXML-StatusLog attributes.

The test driver appears to work fine.

Anyone have any ideas?


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