Anyone seen a good tool to do this?

Standing up an IDM environment, client has told me, most users are in
eDir, most are in AD, some are in one not the other, and whatnot. It is
a hodgepodge.

Anyone have a tool that can query AD for all the users, eDir for all the
users (even if via a CSV I provide) and make sure all users are
accounted for? Or conversely identify who is only in one, not the other?

Analyzer is not quite meant for this task, I think. This is reconciling
users from two (actually four, two eDir trees, two AD domains) sources
to both make sure we got everybody, and also to prove to management we
got everybody.

I am thinking I could whip something in Perl that reads in the first
list into a hash table, then goes line by line through the second file,
and checks if that username is listed or not, outputting to two files.

Then once the first two are done, repeat with the new master list, and
then #3, rinse and repeat. (PS: Any guys here who actually follow the
shampoo/conditioner directions? Let it sit for 2 minutes, rinse,
repeat? Always wondered... My cats REFUSE to let me leave it in for 2
minutes. Violence always ensues!)