Novell Identity Manager 3.6.1
Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP3 TFT3
Windows Server 2003 R2


Just a simple question:

Our solution is going to be heavily based on RBEs. But while we are
testing RBE functionality in test enviornment, we found very strange

This is: Whenever user is triggered "Re-Evaluate RBE" either through
iManager or from IdM events such as "Move", "Rename" , The RBE Driver
tries to reevaluate the entitlements on the user by first *REMOVING*
and after *ADDING* back the Entitlements.

This behavior actually *KILLS* our logic of "DE-Provisioning" of
resources which is based on the the for-each *REMOVED-Entitments*

It looks like this that RBE removes the Entitlement first and then adds
it back after that.

We have no plans to buy Novell User Application Role Based Provisioning
module in the future.

Can someone confirms this RBE behavior, or has something gone wrong
with our IDM installations?


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