Does anyone read the* usenet groups?

There is a guy there Henry Spencer (used to work at U of Toronto Zoology
in IT) who actually wrote a very common Regex implementation many things
still credit him for. (Also made a very readable 4 (!!) point font for
labelling insects.). He also was the guy who had the Usenet archives
still on tape, that DejaNews/Google used to get all of Usenet from the
80's and 90's.

Anyway, he knows EVERYTHING about space. I mean literally EVERYTHING!
It is almost scary! He posts as much or more than Father Ramon and for
about 5 years that I was reading it, someone was tracking who won "I
corrected Henry" t-shirts. In 5 years the total was under 10!! I think
it was about 6 last I looked.

I think we need a "I corrected Father Ramon" t-shirt tracker!

So far the count that I have seen is ZERO! Anyone else remember a case
where he was wrong and someone else noticed? Does not count if he
qualifies it with "I am pretty sure" or he notices it himself!

I will try and track down the exact rules and get them posted. I
will even see about getting real t-shirts made once we get beyond 2. (I
consider this a safe bet, since I know we will never get to two!)