I'm trying to query a table USR02 to recover the creators name, the
field name is ANAME. I have USER02:ANAME mapped and In the filter. The
Driver queries Table name USR02 and field name: ANAME I see it in the RL

DirXML: [03/19/09 09:38:09.476]: TRACE: UserGetDetail: queryOrig:
'USR02:ANAME|USR02', queryAttr: 'USR02:ANAME', queryTable: 'USR02',
queryField: 'AN

Nothing comes back, so I assume I cannot query the table directly, I
get no errors to give me a clue.

Two questions.

1/ Can access a table directly, if so what is the process?

2/ If not how can I access the creator name - has anyone else done

The SAP admin is very accommodating and is willing to try all sorts
including altering the BAPI function - but I wanted to see if anyone
else has done this first.



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