Ok, so we have a GW system in one tree, we are going to pick it up and
plunk it into another tree.

I have been tasked with sorting out the details of what we need to do in
eDir to fix up the associations, since the User objects will NOT be
where they were in the other tree.

When you have hammer (IDM, DirXML Script) everything looks like a nail
(XML docs to be screwed around with).

Also we figure using the association fixer tool to re-fix thousands of
account by hand is ludicrous.

Oh, hey, anyone know if there is a JRB tool that is smart enough to
figure this out? This is the sort of thing John Baird would write.

But more to the point I do not know enough about the underlying workings
of GW to understand what is stored in eDir, and what I need to move tree
to tree to get this all to work.

Working my way through the docs now, but this detail is rarely
documented, and i know someone here knows how to do this, (cough Gersic
cough). Thanks!