I have a strange problem. I have an IDVault running in vmware. If I
boot the machine with a single CPU, IDM loads and the machine seems to
run fine. If I boot it with two CPUs, ndsd will start to consume 180%+
CPU. I've left it overnight and the CPU use never calms down.

Thinking something went wrong with the IDM 3.6 upgrade, I tried
building a new box from scratch today and using the novell ID Transfer
tool to get eDirectory's dibs transferred over. But I'm still seeing
the problem.

Intel(R) Xeon(TM) MP CPU 3.00GHz (two)
3GB ram
20GB disk

# SPident
CONCLUSION: System is up-to-date!
found SLE-10-i386-SP2 + "online updates"

Process: I installed SLES 10 SP2 32-bit, then OES 2 SP1, then applied
the online updates. Transferred ID of previous IDVault, installed IDM

eDir seemed happy with dual CPUs until I installed IDM.


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