Father Ramon discussed a possible way to Shunt a Query from one driver
to another.

Imagine you have a Loopback, or HR driver, but for some reason need to
pull a value out of AD that is not synchronized into the Vault.

Well you can do it. He helped out, and Alekz wrote a very nice article
about it at:

So next question, I took the fact we can send a Query to mean we ought
to be able to send an add/delete/modify/rename event as well.

In testing, I take an inbound event from AD, (an add of a container
object) and I want to send it to another eDir driver to create the OU in
that other tree, without creating anything in the vault.

I seem to be able to send it, but I get -610 Illegal DS names in return.
My initial guess was that src-dn was in LDAP format, not backslash.

So I stripped out @src-dn, added it back in eDir format that I wanted in
the target tree, added in a @dest-dn I wanted in the target tree, still
a 610.

There is little to see in trace, since you see a Java function call to
DriverCmd and then I look at the response that is in the variable.

Not sure if I am trying to do something that will never work, or just
doing it wrong? Basic code is straight out of Alekz's article, I do not
believe it to be a typo there, just grab the current doc, ship it off to
the other driver (modify a bit before sending).