Hello Forums

I would like to know if i can run NetWare 6.5 - SP7, with a IDM 3.51
Engine, and then connect to a RemoteLoader on a Windows Standard 2008
Server - 64 Bit Domain Controller, and have several remote wan connected
departments running Windows Sandard server 2008 32 Bit Domain
Controllers, and i wonder if the password filter still would work? in
this combination. aka mix of 64/32Bit Domain Controllers.

According to Novell self, IDM 3.6 RemoteLoader only supports 64 Bit OS.
but does that go for the Filters as well?

I would like to have only 64Bit on the HQ Office, and 32 Bit servers
Remote, because of Print Drivers e.t.c. in the remote offices.

- Michael