I have an IDM2 environment running on eDirectory, in a mix of
W2K and W2K3 SP2 servers. I recently added AD drivers to two plants in
Europe and am having issues with one of them. The plant in question has
built its DCs on W2K3 R2, DC01 is 64bit and DC02 is a 32bit VM. The
driver was initially pointed at DC01.

I was fixing a driver issue when I noticed that the remote loader trace
log was reporting that password sync was not installed, no control panel
item or anything. I started PassSyncConfig.cpl from explorer, the agent
runs and sees the DCs, but I got nothing out of it, password sync still
didn't work at all. I re-ran the IDM installation and came up with the
same situation, that's when I looked and found the type of server that
had been build. I figured that the 64bit OS was part of the problem so I
ran the install on the 32bit VM and everything gets installed as
expected. The password sync agent shows that the filter is running on
DC02, but it says DC01 needs a reboot, even though it's been rebooted. I
pointed the driver to DC02, but the passwords don't seem to be moving
out at all. The event on the subscriber seems to be going in, but the
password in AD doesn't get changed.

The other location in Europe is running its DCs on W2K3 SP2, as we are
here, and there doesn't seem to be any trouble syncing passwords with
that domain, in or out.

Are there any known issues with password sync on R2 servers? I don't
like the idea that I'm going to have to tell the admin that he's going
to have to rebuild his DCs on our standard platform. If there's a fix
for the issue I'd like to hear about it and try that first.


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