I'm working on a solution connecting our current AD and eDirectory
environments using IDM 3.6 as Meta-directory.

The requirements for the Full Name differ between AD and eDirectory. In
AD the Full Name is defined as Given Name + " " + Surname, whereas in
eDirectory the Full Name is manually entered by user management personnel
as Initials + " " + Surname, where the Initials are not entered anywhere

There is also the requirement that user accounts may be created on either
side of the solution, so both in AD and eDirectory.

Solving the AD side isn't a problem. I can simple concatenate Given Name
and Surname with a space and create the Full Name (and DN) from that.

On the eDirectory side however, I have more of a challenge.

Is it possible (and can anyone show me how) to create a rule that will

Full Name="M. Snellen" from
Given Name="Maurice"

Full Name="D. van Dijk" from
Given Name="Dick van"

Full Name="G.J. van der Straten" from
Given Name="Gert-Jan van der"


Full Name="W.J. Kiezenberg" from
Given Name="Willem Jan"

Can this be done?

Maurice Snellen