Hi All,

Our current environment we are running:

Active Directory
Driver ID: AD
Driver version:

Server OS:
Netware 6.5 SP8
eDirectory Version SMP

What would be the best upgrade path?

It looks like 3.51 only supports Netware as the MetaDirectory

If that's the case and I'd prefer to go to SLES 10SP2/w OES2 SP1...I'd
first need to go to IDM 3.51 on Netware and then IDM 3.6 on SLES(32bit)?
Before I did that, I'd have to upgrade to eDir 8.8?

I sync with AD(Win2003 SP2 32bit). Is it possible to go to Win2008 64bit?

Thank you for any guidance you can offer,
Mr Mister