I'm trying to use the Delimitted Text driver via Remote Loader on Linux.
IdM is version 3.5.1 and the Linux host is SLES9SP3. When I start up
the rdxml service, it doesn't give any errors, but looking at the
rdxml.bin8000.log, I see:


rdxml.bin: error: loading driver module: LoadLibrary(): 111: Connection refused
com.novell.nds.dirxml.driver.delimitedtext.Delimit edTextDriver


I thought it was some firewall issue, but I dropped the firewall and I
have the same problem. Here is the config file:


-description "Delimited Text Driver"
-commandport 8000
-connection "port=8090"
-trace 5
-tracefile dt.log
-tracefilemax 1000M
-module com.novell.nds.dirxml.driver.delimitedtext.Delimit edTextDriver


I had a rootfile on the connection line at first, but I took that out
to simplify things. I also try messing around with quotes in different
places, but that didn't make any difference (I didn't think it would).

What am I missing here? My dt.log just shows:

DirXML: [03/10/09 12:00:20.10]: Loader: Verifying command port...
DirXML: [03/10/09 12:00:20.10]: Loader: Verifying driver can be

That's it.



(I used the code tags because it was formatting the class name oddly)

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