I am trying to install a secondary core driver as a remote loader on a
server that is a part of our authentication server pool. The ldap service
on this server uses a Verisign certificate. When I go through the
installation script, I am asked to specify the ldap source, which defaults
to [localhost]. The Verisign certificate is recognized and the install
completes successfully. The problem is that the driver .XML is installed in
a driver set on a different server that does not use a Verisign certificate.
This is an IDM server which uses self-generated internal certs. When I
startup the driver, and the remote loader I get the following certificate
error in the remote loader debug file:

2009-03-05 08:20:19 [19344@4157012896]: (trace) Unable to establish client
connect; make sure certificates match

I believe I need to somehow provide both certs to this core driver - One for
the 'authentication' piece, and one to communicate with the driver. Is this
correct? Is this possible? I cannot find a reference to this type of
configuration in the documentation.


Mike k