Environment: NetWare 6.5 SP7 and 8, eDirectory and I
just patched our main replica server (contains the master replica of
every partition for the production tree, as well as the IDM driver
connecting it to the ID vault) from NW65SP3 to NW65SP8. Since then,
users are reporting that their password has expired and must be changed,
but their old password doesn't work. It acts exactly as if their
password was reset administratively. It's sporadic and appears to
follow no set pattern. Users sometimes report that they can
successfully login using a password that's "two passwords old".

It was suggested that I ask for help here, since it could be an IDM
issue, not anything to do with NMAS. I had planned to attach zip files
of level 3 tracelogs from three IDM drivers: the one that connects our
prod tree with ID vault, one that connects the ID vault to Active
Directory and one that connects the ID vault to our LDAP authentication
tree -- but the size limit of 97K -ZIPPED- is so small as to be useless.
How do I get around that?

Suggestions appreciated.

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