GoodMorning you Novell experts

I have a big problem and becoming crazy to understand what happend.
But I 'm sure I will better understand Identity Manager when this will
be solved.
I run eDir8.8.3 + IDM 3.6 on Windows Server 2003. Suddenly the DirXML
module doesn't start anymore and I can't explain it.
Doing ndstrace with all flag on give only this message :

jvmload: using C:\Novell\NDS\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll JVM module
01:00:00 6AC Misc: jvmload: Using existing JVM
01:00:00 6AC Drvrs: DirXML JVM interface initialization failed <failed,
-297 (0xfffffed7)>, unloading DIRXML
13:36:03 6AC Drvrs: DirXML shutting down.

I understand that Java is the probably the underlying reason. Maybe
there is something with environment variables but I heared that IDM know
exactly where to find his JRE.
Again I am under Windows, can you point me some paramters I have to
check in order IDM can run ?

Thank you very very much

Best regards

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