little Problem...
I installed IDM 3.01 for synchronize eDir to Adir (only this way).
The synchronistation works perfectly but in my eDir Structure i've got one
OU wich is a Partition and this OU is not synchronised. So i've got my
selected Containers in AD but not this Partition Containers like the

-> O=TEST (Partition)
-->OU=Users (OU which is synchrone)
--->OU=Office (Synchrone)
--->OU=Sales (Synchrone)
---->OU=Powersales (Sychrone)
-->OU=Company2 (Partition OU, which is not synchrone)
--->OU=Sales2 (Not Synchrone)
--->OU=Office2 (Not Synchrone)

Is this a Problem with IDM 3.01?
Any ideas?

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Philipp Deneu

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